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The Banshee: Irish Myth Of The Wailing Woman

What’s the banshee “The banshee” in the Irish folklore, is a fairy that predicts someone’s death before it happens , and her screams are warnings for the family members to prepare for an upcoming loss.But in other Irish mythology stories “the banshee” is known to be a ghost of a young girl who was brutally killed,and her spirit appears to warn the family members that a violent death is on the way.It’s also said that she appears as an old woman with rotten teeth and blood red eyes and long fingernails, it's believed that a look from her scary eyes that’s full of hatred and envy for the living is more than enough to cause immediate death.Some even say that the evil banshee may cause the victim to commit suicide or lose their mind,due to her ongoing screaming and wailing, as she finds pleasure in taking the lives of her victims, though it’s believed that banshees don’t bring death , but they only warn the family about it to help them get prepared.

Different forms of the banshee 

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